Additions to the Union strategy Voters of Ukraine in 2014.

Strategy blocking policy, leading to the 3rd World War I. The policy will not participate. The blockade policy threats. 1. Reduction of the NATO alliance 2. phased nuclear disarmament. II. Elimination items usurpation of power by cleaning democracies of government forces after the war: 1. Election and through peaceful democratic opposition – democratic squares. 2. Amnesty as a departure from… Докладніше →

Agreement between a future candidate in deputies in Parliament, between the electors of district and By the union of Electors to Ukraine.

An agreement is signed: – elect that support a applicant – the union of Electors to Ukraine, or other public organizations that supported the program and concluded a treaty of the union of Electors to Ukraine – applicant 1) union of Electors tof Ukraine signs an agreement at conditions support a applicant ” Аnticrisis peaceful program union of Electors to… Докладніше →